BS5410-2 Code of Practice for liquid fuel firing Part 2

BS5410-2 Code of Practice for liquid fuel firing Part 2, has just been published.
It references BG04 as the key document, with respect to getting your steam boiler water treatment right.

“Feed water for steam boilers should be pre-treated to ensure that it meets the quality limits set by the boiler manufacturer. In order to protect the boiler, the quality of the boiler feed water should be subject to continuous monitoring and control to ensure it remains within the limits specified by the boiler manufacturer. Advice should be obtained from a water treatment specialist which should be followed at all times.”

Industrial boiler water treatment should follow ICOM Energy Association/CEA guide to Water treatment for industrial boiler plant.” BG04.

Deep Water Blue Limited, are experts in boiler water treatment and were a key contributor to BG04.

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