Water Treatment Consultancy for Cooling, Heating, Steam Production and Process Water

We are specialists in water treatment consultancy, with many years’ experience and an intimate knowledge of every type of process where water is used for cooling, heating, steam production or domestic water. We carry out extensive consultancy work with respect to steam systems efficiency or failure mechanisms.

These services are recognised by the industry and our employees are listed in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s “Directory of Consultants” and The Combustion Engineering Associations’ “Academy of Experts”. We are also members of the Water Management Society, The British and Irish Association for Properties of Water and Steam, ICOM Energy Association, The Association of Water Technologies, BSRIA  and are also listed at Expert Witness.

ConsultancyWe troubleshoot and investigate all types of heating and cooling systems, steam generation equipment and water supplies in every application including manufacturing, commercial buildings, food production, medical systems, brewing, pharmaceuticals and industrial plant.

We can carry out investigative work, related to plant failures, for example from corrosion attack in steam systems.

Expert water treatment consultants analyse how your system behaves over time. This would typically involve:

  • Initial survey of your plant, with on-site and/or laboratory testing
  • Recommended course of action to ensure compliance
  • Return-on-investment studies
  • Total operational cost studies
  • Immediate reports, colour-coded to highlight areas of focus
  • A schematic diagram of your plant with treatment regimes and timing
  • Final technical consultancy report production and face to face discussion of results and action plans via any on-line platform such as Teams or Zoom

We analyse and improve water systems in order to optimise plant commercially and to thereby achieve plant longevity and return on investment for our clients.

Our aim is reduction in total operational cost.

ConsultancyWe produce detailed system reports, written in a clear and concise manner, that can be clearly understood by non-technical personnel.

Our personnel sit on technical committees and assist in writing industry standards such as BG01, BG02, BG03, BG06, BG08, BG04, BG11 and BG13 Boiler Water Treatment-Guidance for Shell Boilers, Coil Boilers, Steam Generators and Hot Water Boilers 2016.

Our aim is to make our technical consultancy reports easily and readily understood.

Deep Water Blue Consultancy

Our treatment and control programmes ensure that you comply with the relevant safety or operational standards and can often result in dramatic savings in overall running costs, as detailed in the return-on-investment reports that we can produce.

We are part of The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Enterprise Plus scheme. The Royal Society of Chemistry is the pre-eminent professional body for chemists in the UK.

To discuss how our consultancy services might benefit your system, call us on 0870 460 2980.

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