QuickSticks® is a revolutionary range of solid water treatment chemicals designed for use in closed loops including heating and chilled water systems.

Put simply, QuickSticks® is an innovative new range of water treatment chemicals in solid form rather than liquid and as such they are far more concentrated and much easier and therefore intrinsically safer, to use and apply.

No spills and no splashes with QuickSticks®.

QuickSticks®, whilst being a stand-alone solid water treatment chemical, can also be used as an addition to, or in replacement of, liquid water treatment chemicals.

QuickSticks® solid water treatment chemicals and also Deep Water Blue liquid water treatment chemical products can be fed using the EasyTreat water treatment chemical dosing system.

Click on the link to find out more about the EasyTreat water treatment chemical dosing system and how it can improve efficiencies for you.

In the case of closed loop systems, such as heating and chilled water, the water treatment chemicals in solid or liquid form are simply added to the EasyTreat water treatment chemical dosing system and then recirculated around the system to be treated.

Very large systems, up to 16,500L capacity can be treated in one system charge, using our QuickSticks® solid water treatment chemicals, reducing time spent on site, to a minimum.

The solid water treatment QuickSticks® dissolve in the EasyTreat water treatment chemical dosing system in a short period of time and can be easily tested using one of our Deep Water Blue test kits.

You can also request sample bottles from us, in order to test your system, if you so wish and then post your samples back to us and we will analyse the water for you and produce a system waterside report called a QuickSystem Report.

For more information or to order your QuickSticks® solid water treatment chemicals today, simply send your order to [email protected] or contact us on 0870 460 2980.

If you require some help or technical assistance with either our QuickSticks® solid water treatment chemical range, product choice and/or application, then we would be delighted to assist you. Please contact us on 0870 460 2980.

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  • No chemical drum disposal issues
  • The QuickSticks® solid water treatment chemical range have recyclable packaging
  • No offensive odours or fumes
  • Safer to use than liquid water treatment chemicals and easy to apply using the EasyTreat water treatment chemical dosing system
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Conserve floor space-no large drums to store

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  • Substantially reduced product handling issues-no heavy drums to carry around site
  • Reduction in moving of heavy chemical drums and injuries caused in doing so
  • No liquids to spill or splash using the EasyTreat water treatment chemical dosing system or dissolving board
  • Cleaner and safer working environment for employees and contractors

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  • No energy absorbing scale deposits costing money
  • Extended equipment life through better corrosion control
  • No costly microbiological deposits and fouling
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Saving time and money