For use in water treatment applications.

Benefits of Solid Chemicals

Help Reduce Your Concerns About Risk and Legal Liability by Utilising Solid Chemicals

Solid ChemicalsSolid chemicals, developed for use in water treatment applications use advanced and proven chemical formulations, that have been manufactured into a concentrated and solid chemical form.

The solid chemical products are more easily transportable, than traditional liquid products and applied easily at your site, using a Deep Water Blue solid chemical dissolving system or EasyTreat.

QuickSolv Solid chemicals
  • Reduces potential for injury to employees and others.
  • Reduces risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals to your employees and customers.
  • Huge weight reduction.
  • Spills or splashes can occur anywhere – in transit, or at your premises.
  • Many liquid chemicals can be hazardous, damaging to the environment, and a potential for expensive legal claims
  • Solid chemicals do not leak, spill or splash.
  • Liquid chemicals are bulky and must be stored in bunded areas according to their hazardous classification.
  • Many premises do not have large amounts of unused space and must resort to storing all chemicals in one contained area.
  • The potential for chemical reactions of different liquid chemicals can produce a very undesirable result.
  • No triple rinsing of empty drums before disposal.
  • No chemical drum disposal issues and no triple rinsing of chemical drums either
  • The QuickSticks® and QuickSolv® solid chemical ranges both have recyclable packaging
  • No offensive odours or fumes
  • Cleaner and safer working environment-value your workforce!
  • Reduce your life cycle costs
  • Save time and money!

Proceeding with confidence in your Deep Water Blue solid chemical treatment program

ChemicalsA solid chemical treatment program can be quantified in pounds saved, by assisting you in saving your labour time, transportation, and storage costs.

To determine whether a Deep Water Blue solid chemical water treatment program can improve your operation, a system survey is often undertaken, in order to gather information about your systems and processes and in order to evaluate the best options for you-there is often more than one option.

Deep Water Blue water treatment consultants will work with you to design a site and system specific, specialised solid chemical treatment program to meet your specific needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of solid chemical products, product dissolvers, pumps and control systems, including EasyTreat, so as to help you maintain effective waterside conditions in your boilers, cooling systems/cooling towers and closed loops.

The quicksticks range of solid chemicals
QuickSolv Dissolver - Our Solid Chemical Dispenser