Lee Prentice from Veolia discusses how CEA BG04 Steam Boiler Water Treatment Training has helped him. 4th June 2019

Lee Hughes from Veolia talks about the BG04 Boiler Water Treatment Training Course from the CEA. 4th June 2019

I wanted to post a note that the BG04 at Tankersley Manor BG04 course was attended by myself and two of my team.

The whole event from start to finish was well organised and well presented with very knowledgeable people delivering the course content.

Having spent over 40 years working in site services provision I found the course very informative.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone even with several years of experience such as myself.

22nd June 2018

Kevin Manning BG04 Training Course

The CEA have stated very clearly that 95% of all accidents and incidents on boiler plant is due to Bad Management of Boiler Water Treatment. Members of CEA and those of ICOM developed BG04 Boiler Water Treatment Guidance, a guide that industry really needed for many years.

The training course for boiler water treatment training was developed by Deep Water Blue and with support from CEA which has proved to be an excellent course delivered by Mick Casey and his team at DWB over two days.

The delegate feedback is that this course is excellent, delivered in plain English and easy to understand for anybody responsible for boiler water treatment on site, it also allows that person to challenge a contractor who is looking after their boiler water treatment, a first for non-chemists. As one of the recent delegates mentioned this is not for chemists but is for operators and managers along with engineers ``this is a must for all boiler Operator and Managers``.

22nd June 2018

The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective and the CEA has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it in line with BG04.

The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with the training provider.

The format gave me the confidence to implement new testing techniques and to understand the importance of water treatment as an engineer and not as a chemist. A must for all boiler Operators/Managers.

Steve Bagnall, NHS Estates Manager, one of the delegates from a recent BG04 training course run by us, on behalf of The Combustion Engineering Association (CEA), 22nd June 2018

Steve Bagnall BG04 Training Course

CEA alongside Deep Water Blue delivered an online water treatment course in relation to BG04 to Estates Officers and Boiler Operators at Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.

CEA and Deep Water Blue delivered a bespoke online training course that was specifically tailored to our needs, we were able to discuss openly results from testing and get first class advice from experts. The course was extremely user friendly, enabling us each to learn and practice how to complete the various tests, interpret the results and implement remedial actions as required. CEA and Deep Water Blue have created a challenging, engaging and informative course that was exceptionally delivered whilst enabling our team to remain socially distanced during the Covid-19 pandemic. I would thoroughly recommend the course and found everyone involved from CEA and Deep Water Blue to be approachable, helpful and knowledgeable.

Eilish Moore - Estates Officer

I started working with Deepwater Blue around 16 months ago, after gaining my Diploma in Boiler Management. During this training, it became clear that we needed to improve how we manage and maintain the boilers on our site, particularly in terms of boiler water quality.

Previously, management asked an experienced contractor to undertake monthly testing, but when reports arrived, the data was out of date and frequently difficult to assess. This method resulted in scale forming on boiler tubes, resulting in expensive repairs and unscheduled shutdowns for the plant.

It was critical for the site that the Boiler Manager and Boiler Operators obtain the training they require to understand boiler water chemistry and implement daily testing and monitoring.

During my first meeting with DWB (Pete), we first explored methods to increase the overall efficiency of the current plant before moving on to prospective site upgrades. Within a few months of working with DWB, we implemented the following changes:

Certified BG04 training and certification for Boiler Operators & Managers
Daily boiler water samples uploaded via online portal V-Steam for review by Boiler Manager/Deepwater Blue.
Boiler Operators having the confidence to adjust chemical dosing rates, based on boiler water data, as and when required.
Improved communication between the Boiler Operators and chemist
Chemical Injection points installed via Hotwell tank (design change)
Improved Condensate recovery & Hotwell Tank Temperature (design change)
Boiler Water Testing Station within the Boilerhouse
Improved internal condition of boiler which was evident during boiler insurance inspection. (Experienced engineer stated “this is best condition he has seen the boilers in for years”).

Bringing DWB on board coincided with the boiler repairs stated above, as well as the upgrade of the main boiler controls. This provided us a fresh start in improving the way we operate and maintain the boilers at our site. A recent energy analysis revealed the following reductions within the boilerhouse:

Annual Reduction in Gas consumption – 235,295 kWh
Annual Reduction in CO2 – 42941 kg

What is most encouraging is the evident shift in attitude of boiler operators towards boiler water chemistry; they have bought straight into it. We moved from a team that lacked confidence with this kind of work to now having daily meetings to discuss boiler water analysis, this change has come as a result of working with DWB

Senior Engineer NHS