Dosing and Control Equipment to Improve and automate System Performance and Waterside Control.

Dosing and ControlOur dosing and control equipment is cost-effective, reliable, easy-to-use and maintain. We provide full operating instructions and training and implement a proactive maintenance programme to ensure it continues to operate effectively.

We can supply, install, commission and service, any type of water treatment dosing and control equipment.

We are able to supply single dosing pumps up to bespoke engineered fully automatic water treatment chemical dosing systems, to automatically dose and control liquid water treatment chemicals or solid water treatment chemicals.

Our equipment range includes, but is not limited to:




System Controllers, Chemical Dosing, Small Items and Spares

  • Chemical dosing pumps and controllers (all sizes and types)-we have a full range of chemical dosing pumps and metering equipment to suit any industrial or commercial situation.
  • Cooling water system control equipment-we supply a full range of cooling water controllers for monitoring and control of TDS, dual biocide dosing and lock-out/pre-bleed functions, back board mounted, with bespoke built to order manifolds as required
  • Steam boiler or steam generator feedwater or boiler water system control equipment-we supply a full range of steam boiler water treatment controllers for monitoring and control of TDS, water treatment chemical dosing and waterside monitoring functions, back board mounted, with bespoke built to order manifolds as required.
  • Dosing pots-we have stainless steel chemical dosing pots in a range of sizes for the application of our liquid water treatment products
  • EasyTreat Solid Chemical Feeders-we have both the ET10 and ET20 EasyTreat models available in stainless steel for speedy application of our QuickSticks® solid water treatment chemical products
  • Filtration and spare filters-we have available any type or style of water treatment filter or cartridge that you may require
  • Sample coolers-we supply stainless steel sample coolers to allow safe sampling of boiler waters
  • Solenoid valves-we supplied a full range of solenoid valves, designed for water treatment applications
  • Brominators / Chlorinators-we have a comprehensive range of tablet feeders available that can be engineered with automatic controllers, in order to ensure closer dosing control
  • Dosing tanks and bunds-we supply a full range of high quality chemical dosing tanks and bunds in different capacities to suit available footprint
  • Water meters-we have brass or iron precision water meters available, with contacting head as necessary, in order to provide accurate dosing of water treatment chemicals
  • Blowdown controllers-system controllers to monitor and accurately control boiler water system blowdown
  • Bleed controllers- system controllers to monitor and accurately control cooling water system bleed
  • Redox control systems- system controllers to monitor and accurately control bromine or chlorine levels
  • pH monitoring equipment- system controllers to monitor and accurately control system pH
  • Dissolved Oxygen monitoring equipment -Dissolved oxygen monitoring can be important in steam boiler systems, especially those susceptible to corrosion attack-we can supply bespoke monitoring equipment to suit any boiler application
  • Biofilm monitoring equipment-we are able to supply and install equipment to monitoring biofilms in water systems

Larger Plant

  • Water softeners-simplex or duplex, meter or timer controlled to suit any application
  • Reverse Osmosis systems-for production of ultra-pure water, in for example the production of boiler feedwater
  • Dealkalisers-for production of de-alkalised water, in for example the production of boiler feedwater
  • Demineralisers- for production of demineralised water, in for example the production of boiler feedwater
  • Degas towers-for the removal of dissolved oxygen in steam boiler feedwater
  • Filtration equipment-for the removal of suspended solids from waters
  • Systems to remove Iron and Manganese for example in areas of Scotland with high iron content waters
  • Side stream filtration equipment-systems to filter a portion of the on line system water, producing a “polishing effect” over time. These systems are very useful, when fitted after a chemical clean that has not been able to reach all parts of a system
  • Chlorine Dioxide dosing equipment-these units are perfect for water disinfection purposes, where safety, cost-effectiveness and reliability are of the utmost importance
  • Silver dosing systems -Silver is an extremely useful agent for microbiological control and these systems are often far more cost effective to install than other types of disinfection systems

Custom Plant Supply and Installation

  •  Data logging systems for any system or application

Package Water Treatment Systems to meet Process Requirements

Whatever you need, we can design and then build it to order:

  • Dosing and control-pre-plumbed systems
  • Housing
  • Bulk chemical storage and dosing systems

We can then service and maintain it using our team of experienced engineers.

To discuss dosing and control equipment in more detail, call us on 0870 460 2980.

Dosing and Control Equipment
Dosing and Control Equipment