CEA   Steam   Boiler Water Treatment training carried out by Deep Water Blue gave this university the tools to make significant savings.

At A Glance


  • Lack of engineer training
  • No site boiler testing
  • Insufficient system control


  • Compliance
  • Control
  • Cost savings
  • Energy targets exceeded

Since taking over the overall running of the steam system here I have been conscious that as I have corrected ‘wrongs’ in the system the effect of that would be cost savings and energy reduction, one of those wrongs being no water monitoring.

Results from our energy and sustainability department prove these savings are substantial!

We are also making huge cost savings on chemicals now that we know and monitor the levels that they are supposed to be.

I want to thank you and DWB for your high- quality training and continued support, it has been invaluable to us”

UK University Engineer


This University had concerns that they had issues with regard to compliance in the running of their steam boiler system.  Deep Water Blue was contacted to discuss the options for certified training for the steam boiler water treatment.


Deep Water Blue arranged a CEA and RSC accredited training session for the engineers involved in the boiler water treatment. Along with the training to address the compliance concerns the application of the training allowed the site to take ownership of the running of their system, resulting in significant cost savings in the operation of their plant.



CEA training assists the site in achieving compliance with the PSSR and PUWER, helping the engineers become competent in the running of their system


By reviewing the boiler treatment, the university engineers were able to identify that the treatment they had been advised was incorrect for the   system   resulting   in significant overdosage which they now had the knowledge to address

Cost Savings

Correcting the treatment levels not only reduced the chemical treatment costs of the system, it also enabled significant energy savings for the university as follows: Site data identified year to date savings of water at 59% and gas 18%

Energy Targets

The University has a target of making savings with regards to energy and water usage of 5% per annum, The application of this training has allowed this to be significantly improved upon.