ICOM Guidance Launch

ICOM Director Ross Anderson writes that the publication of a guide to water
treatment for commercial heating systems that brings boiler manufacturers
and water treatment specialists together is a significant milestone for the
Pete Mills, Commercial Technical Operations Manager at Bosch said: “This
should be seen as an important milestone for the industry and we hope the
standard is widely adopted within specifications, which should help to drive
improvements in heating system reliability and efficiency.”
Ideal Commercial Boilers Product Manager, Andrew Dabin, agreed: “This guide
makes it clear plain and simple as to what is required.”
Mick Casey of Deep Blue Water added: “This is a very important step in
providing a best practice guide for those involved in water treatment of
commercial heating systems. In doing so, it will also help to drive
improvements in reliability and efficiency for end users whilst also
reducing their lifecycle costs.”
To request a PDF or hardcopy of the ‘Water Treatment and Conditioning of
Commercial Heating Systems Guide’, from ICOM, please contact