Combustion Engineering Association


Jul 06 - 07 2021


9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Closed Circuit Boiler Water Treatment Course (CCBWT)

A new training course is being launched in conjunction with the CEA published Guidance Note “BG02 Guidance on
Safe Operation of Hot Water Boilers” and BG04 Section 5 “Boiler Water Treatment Guidance for………Hot Water
Boilers”, to cover closed circuit heating systems of all sizes and pressures apart from domestic.
We will be delivering this course for the first time online via zoom on Tuesday 6th
& Wednesday 7th July 2021.
Not many people appreciate that pressurised hot water systems are specifically
mentioned in the HSE INDG 436 document “Safe Management of Industrial
Steam and Hot Water Boilers – A Guide for Owners, Managers and Supervisors
of Boilers, Boiler Houses and Boiler Plant”.
The course covers the legislative aspects of running such systems as well as the
following topics:
• Basics of Water,
• Types of System,
• Types of Corrosion,
• Correct Pre-treatment of Water,
• Types of Chemical Treatment,
• Filtration Types
• As well some basic information on Design of Systems and Pressurisation of Circuits.
There is a practical testing section with the attendees encouraged to test their own samples, as well as information on
how to log and interpret the results obtained.
After the training course and practical element has been completed, there is a formal on-line multiple-choice exam,
leading to certification and provision of an ID card, similar to BOAS and BG04 for Steam Boilers.
The course is designed for people who have practical experience of such systems and want to learn more.
The course is also suitable for people who have non pressurised large systems that are not covered under the guidance
notes, but where all the issues experienced in such systems manifest themselves equally as much.